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Research & Policy

In communities across the country, No Kid Hungry works with educators and local leaders to learn how their programs work. 

We created the No Kid Hungry Center for Best Practices - a world-class team of analysts, researchers, trainers and program managers - to take what we’ve learned and find ways to share it with everyone working to feed kids. 

Through conferences, webinars, research materials, case studies, reports and online resources, we’re giving leaders across the country the tools they need. Our team also funds and develops pilot projects - right now there’s a school cafeteria manager doing something new and innovative that will help .

Then we take those ideas and share them far and wide so that everyone working to feed kids has the resources, support and know-how they need. 

But we can’t work directly with everyone, and we know that so much of what we have learned over the years can make an immediate and powerful difference for children.