How Does Your Support Help Feed Kids?

When you make a donation to the No Kid Hungry campaign, where does that money go? More importantly, how do we use it to help feed children?

The work of No Kid Hungry is a team effort. We work closely with local partners at schools, state agencies and community groups across the country to make sure they have what they need to feed kids – from supplies to new ideas to policy changes.

To make that happen, we rely on the commitment of foundations, companies and everyday donors.

The coronavirus pandemic hit low-income families the hardest – school buildings closed, parents lost jobs and childhood hunger skyrocketed. Thanks to your support, we were there to help.

  • We sent $74 million in grants to schools and community groups between the start of the pandemic and April of this year. Those grants helped ensure workers had the resources to prep, cook and pack hundreds of meals every day and deliver them to children.
  • We pushed for government policies that helped kids and families in tangible ways, including a 15% increase in SNAP benefits; the Pandemic-EBT program that provided emergency funds to help families pay for food; and waivers to existing rules about meals programs that might have prevented communities from responding effectively to the crisis.
  • We helped families find free meals in their neighborhoods with services like our Free Meals Finder map.

Without the support and contributions of our donors, we wouldn't have been able to immediately help so many children, families and communities when the pandemic struck.

Today we released our latest annual report, which shows specifically how much money we raised and how we spent it. (Note: This report covers only our 2020 fiscal year – June 2019 to July 2020. We saw a significant outpouring of generosity and support during the pandemic, which we have continued to use to help communities feed children.)

Childhood hunger is still far worse than it was before the coronavirus pandemic, and many parents are still out of work. The difficult work of recovery lies ahead, but we’re confident that our supporters will continue to step up to help feed children.