Billy Shore

Things Can Be Both Bad and Better

An Annie E. Casey Foundation study found improvements in factors that can lead to poverty but we can still do better; a similar theme of the book "Factfulness."

Living on $2 a Day: Poverty and Food Equity in America

Kathy Edin, a sociologist, poverty expert and author, and Tom McDougall, a food access social entrepreneur, sat down with me and Debbie to talk about how people on public programs like Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps) are already desperately struggling to survive.

To Unite Our Country, We Must Invest in Kids

In this most unpredictable election year, the only thing we can know for sure is that, regardless of who wins, our nation will be in serious need of healing and unity. One place to look is toward the needs of our children, who represent our future. A high priority for the next president should be a policy agenda that finally puts children first and makes possible a massive investment in the next generation.