Mother and child sitting in living room

Left Behind: Military Families, Veterans and Hunger

I’ve worked on hunger in America for more than 30 years without fully appreciating how profoundly it impacts those to whom we owe the most but in some ways provide for the least – our nation’s military and veteran families. However, they will be on my mind this Memorial Day weekend because of the powerful conversation I had while recording our podcast, Add Passion and Stir. An estimated 23,000 active-duty military households receive SNAP food stamps benefits, as do 1.5 million veterans. These stats represent a lot of kids at risk if their parents cannot put food on the table on their military pay or veteran benefits.

Ironically, President Trump’s first budget released this week provides more for defense contractors but less for military and veteran families. The proposed budget increases discretionary defense spending by $469 billion for things like Air Force jets and Navy ships, yet slashes federal support for food assistance. How can we allow those who serve and sacrifice for their country to struggle with hunger?

If you want your Memorial Day weekend to mean more than picnics and parades, listen and be inspired by our latest Add Passion and Stir podcast episode. This conversation with Alex Samayoa, a popular DC chef and Army veteran, and Josh Protas, a leader on hunger policy with MAZON. Our heroes and their kids deserve better.