Toddler Eating Lunch

Family Meals

Though schools and community programs are an effective way to reach older children, to help the youngest kids, we need to help their parents and caregivers. No Kid Hungry is exploring ways to better reach very young children through programs at doctors’ offices and local child care centers, as well as efforts to strengthen federal programs like WIC and SNAP.

Another way we reach babies and little kids is through Cooking Matters, a sister campaign of No Kid Hungry that works with local partners in communities across the country to help parents and caregivers make healthy foods on a budget.

Traditionally, Cooking Matters offered in-person programs, such as cooking classes and interactive grocery store tours – all free, and run through trusted local community programs.

In the wake of the pandemic - and in response to requests from parents and caregivers - more and more Cooking Matters resources are delivered online, including:

- YouTube videos with tips for cooking healthy meals

- An extensive online library of easy recipes

- Livestreamed video on Facebook and other social media channels

“This has definitely changed my eating habits and my approach to preparing healthy food,” said Erica, a mother and Cooking Matters participant from Atlanta. “If you look in my refrigerator now you'll see a lot of greens, fruit and other vegetables. I keep it stocked. Cooking Matters showed me how to stretch my money so that, when I go to the farmers market, I can even buy some organic foods, which is better for us. And I'm not afraid to try something new that might be on sale”.