Vote to End Childhood Hunger 

Kids don’t have lobbyists. 

Kids don’t make campaign contributions. 

And kids can’t vote. But you can. 

This Election Day, they need you to vote for them. 

This year, voting is more crucial than ever. The coronavirus has been devastating for kids – 1 in 4 children could face hunger this year because of the pandemic. Whether at the local level, where school budgets are decided, or the federal level, where nutrition programs like SNAP take shape, elected officials have the power to make the decisions that will end childhood hunger.

You choose those leaders when you vote.

We know voting may look a little different this year because of the pandemic. As we approach the November 3 election, here are five things to know so you are prepared to vote: 

Voting matters. Thank you for taking the time to use your voice on behalf of kids.