Breakfast Changes Lives

School Meals

Can the simple act of eating breakfast change a child’s life? We think so. Check out our new “Breakfast Changes Lives” infographic.

Not every child has food at home for breakfast every day. If a kid can’t eat at home, we want to make sure they have the opportunity to start the day with a healthy meal at school. Only then can they think clearly and excel in school. That’s why the No Kid Hungry campaign is focused on making sure more kids start the school day with school breakfast.

The simple act of making sure a child eats breakfast can change a child’s life.

This is confirmed by new analysis we’re releasing today, showing that increasing school breakfast participation has the potential to improve test scores, improve a child’s attendance and increase graduation rates nationwide.

Hungry kids can’t learn. It’s a simple statement, but it’s true. And if a child can’t learn, how is she going to be successful in school? Or in life?

We need your help getting the word out — so please share the Breakfast Changes Lives infographic with everyone you know.

Breakfast changes lives. And No Kid Hungry starts with breakfast.

Thanks for all that you do to end childhood hunger.