I Was Hungry

Chefs & Culinary, Cooking Matters

Every day I fight childhood hunger by teaching kids and their families how to shop and cook on a tight budget. Today, I want to share a piece of my own story to give you a little insight into why I’m so passionate for the work I do as a Cooking Matters instructor with No Kid Hungry.

My parents were loving, college educated, hardworking people — but circumstances like medical bills and a job loss meant my parents couldn’t always provide for me and my siblings.

Not too long ago, I confessed to my dad that because we struggled when I was younger, I now love the feeling of a full fridge. I expected my dad to laugh it off, but instead he looked at me and said, “Me too.”

As my father looked down at his shoes, he explained, “I used to worry about not being able to fill the fridge when you kids were young. I hated knowing that I couldn’t give you the food that you needed and so even today I feel good when I see a full fridge and know you are taken care of.” As the tears rolled down my eyes, I hugged him and walked away, never to speak about hunger with him again.

It’s not easy to talk about — but it’s important to me to share my story with you. I hope I inspire and empower others to act, share and become involved with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. Even though my hunger was sporadic, my family bares the hidden scars of hunger and the memories of the stigma we faced from others if they knew we were hungry.

Together, we can prevent kids at risk of hunger from growing up with these hidden scars and the pain of childhood hunger. Please watch the video and share my story with friends and family. Thanks for all that you do for No Kid Hungry.