Youtube Star, Jesse Cox, Goes Live for Kids this Summer

Every year, as summer approaches, we throw out a rally cry to our community to help us raise funds so kids can have the happy healthy summers they deserve.

The reality is that summer continues to be the hungriest time of year for millions of kids. During the school year, they can rely on school programs like breakfast, lunch and afterschool meals. But when school is out for the summer, many of those meals disappear.

Streamers, or people who broadcast their content live to platforms like YouTube or Twitch, have made a huge impact raising funds to help feed kids, including support of summer meal programs and our Free Meal Finder Map, so all children can have access to the meals they need during this difficult time.

Today we’re honored to highlight the popular "content creator" and "influencer" Jesse Cox. He participated in our STREAM to Share Summer Campaign by hosting a livestream fundraiser on Twitch and raising $8,300 for hungry kids.

Screenshot of streamer

The moment he crossed the initial $5k goal

Q: Tell us why you started streaming and what type of content you usually create?

A: I originally starting streaming over a decade ago for fun, like most things on the internet. When I was bored I would play games with friends, and eventually when we couldn’t hang out in person we’d show off our games and “cool moves” to friends via video and eventually stream formats. Soon more and more people started watching and the rest is history.

Q: What inspired you to raise funds for No Kid Hungry?

A:  Before I did YouTube and Twitch, I was a teacher in a big city. I got to see firsthand what income inequality and food deserts can do to a kid. My students were lucky that we provided free breakfast, but it was through my conversations with them that I learned the food we served at the school might be the only thing they ate that day. Seeing the difference between a hungry and well fed student is shocking. But makes perfect sense – it’s hard to learn if you’re thinking about your next meal. So to me, partnering with No Kid Hungry was a no brainer. I’m honored to be involved.

Q: What was your favorite part about your summer stream?

A:  My favorite part, as always, is seeing my community step up and be as amazing as I know they are. I’m very fortunate to have so many great people willing to not only play with, interact with, and chat with me – but also be willing to give so much to help the causes I believe in.

Ways You Can Help

Are you a streamer interested in supporting No Kid Hungry? Visit us at or reach out to You can also follow up STREAM efforts on Twitter or join our Discord here.

Donate. Join people like Jesse Cox, and help us end childhood hunger today. Just $10 can help provide up to 100 meals for hungry kids. No Kid Hungry works with schools, community organizations and local leaders across the country to connect kids to the food they need. Your generous donations will help end summer hunger for kids across the country.

Spread the word about summer meals. Summer meals are available for all kids 18 and under regardless of their income, immigration status or living situation. The more people participate, the stronger the programs can be. You can find free meals near you by texting the word “FOOD” or “COMIDA” to 304-304 or visiting