You're Never Too Young to Advocate for Hungry Children

A few weeks ago I visited Washington DC to attend the Agricultural: Nutrition Subcommittee meeting on SNAP. I heard some very sad testimony about hunger in America and the increase in senior citizens who are experiencing hunger.  Many of these people are not being re-employed after the recent recession and are now chronically hungry.

I was very excited to hear Representative McGovern speak passionately about hunger in America.  I agree with him, it is our shame, that the world's wealthiest country has millions of her citizens suffering from chronic hunger.

I was able to visit two people who represent the people of Georgia.  Representative Barry Loudermilk also has great compassion for people suffering from hunger.  His district has many low income children and adults.

I also spoke briefly with Senator Johnny Isaacson.  I told him that I was a Youth Advocate for No Kid Hungry and that I went to school with many kids who are chronically hungry. 

A few days after my visit the Senate Agriculture Committee passed the Improving Child Integrity & Access Act of 2016.  But we can't stop advocating yet.  There is a lot of work to be done before this act is done.

Even though I am not old enough to vote, and you may not be old enough to vote, legislators care about what we think.  We are the future leaders of our nation and we can add our voices to those who are old enough to vote and help make a difference to hungry Americans.