Thank a Hunger Hero: Nakisha Carter in New York

Nakisha Carter is the family resource center coordinator at the Rockland BOCES Family Resource Center Foundation.

Woman distributing meals

To say that Carter has gone above and beyond during the past year is an understatement.

Her unwavering commitment to ensuring that children with disabilities and their families have weekly food deliveries means that these families have one less stressor during what is an incredibly difficult public health and economic crisis.

In addition to increasing the amount of food distributed by Rockland BOCES by over 600 percent and doubling the number of families served, Carter also coordinated dozens of volunteers who clocked hundreds of hours of volunteer time.

Families in Rockland County have been hit hard with COVID-19, and this is especially true for families with a child with a disability where safe care during COVID-19 has been very hard, if not impossible, to find.

For these families and so many others in her community and across New York, Nakisha is a Hunger Hero.

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