Take Action: Tell Congress to Help Hungry Kids

kids at school

Right now, Congress is making critical decisions about policies that help feed hungry kids. There is a small but important window of opportunity to make sure these policies make it into this year's reconciliation bill, which is being drafted between now and September 15. 

While Congress is deciding what policies make into this piece of legislation they need to hear from you. 

Contact Congress and urge action on the following policies in the reconciliation bill:

  • Make the Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer program, or Summer EBT, available nationwide. It helps get more food to kids in need when schools are out of session by providing parents and caregivers an additional benefit to buy groceries in the summer months. 

  • Extend the Child Tax Credit into the future. In 2021 a temporary enhanced Child Tax Credit makes benefits available to families with the most need. Extending the Child Tax Credit would be a game-changer in ending child poverty.

  • Expand an option for school meals programs called the Community Eligibility Provision, or CEP.  CEP helps schools reach more kids with the healthy meals they need with less red tape so they can focus on learning and not their empty stomachs.

Want to take action? Join No Kid Hungry on Tuesday, September 14 for a digital day of action in support of the solutions that will help end childhood hunger. Here are three things you can do:

  1. Tweet. Spread the word on social media and make sure your members of Congress see your message. Click here to send a tweet and tag your legislators. 
  2. Call. Talk to a representative in your member of Congress's office. Click here for a quick script and to be connected. 
  3. Email. Send a personalized note to your members of Congress. Click here for a template. 

Looking for more ways to urge action from Congress? Click here for an easy-to-use toolkit that provides a variety of ways for you to use your voice for kids across the country. Thanks for making your voice heard!