Principal Appreciation Month: Leaders Ending Childhood Hunger

Principals across the nation work every day with one thing in their minds: the success of their students. They understand that ensuring kids have three meals a day is essential for their development. For this reason, principals have always been a critical part of ending childhood hunger in America.

As millions of kids in the US continue to face hunger, principals are at the forefront facing incredible challenges. They are making decisions that can make a huge difference in the lives of kids.

Watch this inspiring video of when Doctor Stewart, a principal in Rialto, Calif., made the decision to serve breakfast in the classroom.

Ways to Help 

Like principals, we all have different strengths to share in the fight to ensure every child in the United States gets the food they need. Whatever your strength, there’s a way you can share it to help kids.  

Donate. Just $10 can help provide up to 100 meals for hungry kids. No Kid Hungry works with schools, community organizations, and local leaders across the country to connect kids to the food they need. Your generous donations will help end hunger for kids across the country.