Are Kids in America Really Going Hungry?

Are Kids in America Really Going Hungry?

Today, No Kid Hungry launched Hunger in Our Schools, our new report on kids in America who face hunger. We spoke to low-income parents and their children, as well as teachers, in a series of surveys and focus groups, to hear from them how hunger and poverty effect their lives.

Here’s what we learned:

  • 23% of low-income parents have cut the size of their children’s meals because of lack of money. 
  • Almost half (48%) say they can’t afford enough food each month.
  • Three out of four of educators (74%) see students who regularly come to school hungry because they are not getting enough to eat at home. 
  • Most teachers spend $300 of their own money each year buying food for students.
  • 64% of low-income parents say it would be difficult to feed their children if they encountered an unexpected expense, like a $1,500 car repair or medical expense.

At Hunger in Our Schools, you'll see these painful statistics and more, as well as heartbreaking stories from children and families.

But you’ll also learn about No Kid Hungry's solution: effective school-based meals programs that can feed every hungry child. Yes, our research confirms that hunger and poverty take a terrible toll on children's lives. But it's a problem we can solve.