“I’m All In”: Viola Davis Joins No Kid Hungry as National Spokesperson

Viola Davis knows what it’s like to face hunger as a child, and she’s committed to reaching the day when no child in our country goes hungry.

That’s why she’s joining No Kid Hungry as our newest national spokesperson, alongside Jeff Bridges and spokesfamily Stephen & Ayesha Curry.

Davis couldn’t have joined at a more critical time. Childhood hunger in the U.S. has seen a sharp increase because of the pandemic. Millions of families are out of work, with children facing empty pantries at home.

Actor Viola Davis

It’s a moment that resonates with Davis, who grew up struggling with hunger in a family of six.

“The uncertainty of where your next meal will come from is a scary thing, and it consumes every waking moment you have,” she said. “I still remember what it was like—the stigma attached to it and the shame—that’s what so many families are going through right now.”

As one of her first acts with No Kid Hungry, she’s helping bring attention to our Longest Summer report, which captures the experiences and testimonies of families trying to put food on the table during this crisis.

In the face of these stats and stories, Davis knows we must act to help feed families now and into the future. That’s why she penned a letter to Congress, urging them to strengthen the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, which feeds hungry kids and their families nationwide.

“While it will take a combination of resources to help our nation’s low-income families and children, one of the best ways to feed hungry kids during a pandemic is by making sure their families have the resources to feed themselves,” she wrote. “That’s the power of SNAP.”

Join us in welcoming Davis by urging Congress to strengthen SNAP during this time of crisis for so many hungry children. Alongside our new national spokesperson, you can help give kids the nutrition they need to thrive during and beyond this crisis.

Email your Senators and tweet at them with us today. Just like Davis once was, hungry kids are waiting. 

“Your sense of value and worth are taken away from you when you’re food insecure,” she said. “If I can play a role in helping a child feel seen and regain their sense of value, I’m all in every time because I know what it would’ve meant to me. You have no idea the potential we could tap into just by solving this one problem for kids.”