man carrying food to bus during coronavirus

Extraordinary Generosity = Extraordinary Impact for Kids

Children in America are facing extraordinary times.

Families out of work. Food lines. Closed schools and cafeterias.

A Latina mother and daughter wearing masks and gloves hold a bag of food supplies on a fall day.

As the coronavirus crisis continues, 1 in 4 kids may face hunger this year. Many families are needing help for the first time, while those already in difficult situations are struggling.

Extraordinary times like these call for extraordinary generosity.

Elena, a mother of two in Texas who lost her job to the pandemic, told us, “It would be terrible, more than it is right now, if we didn’t have the nutritious food they need. It would be very difficult to manage.”

Thanks to supporters like you, her kids can count on free meals for their school, even when classrooms are closed.

Since March, No Kid Hungry has channeled your gifts into what will be, by year’s end, a total of $60 million dollars in emergency grants to schools and local organizations across the country. From fueling meal delivery trucks in rural communities and ordering PPE to keep cafeteria workers safe to purchasing pallets of food supplies, your support is making a lasting impact.

Class boy

Noal, a mother in California, received assistance from a school that received one of these grants. She said, “This was my first year going without food. I was not going to let my kids suffer. The program really helped us get staples like rice, vegetables and beans. If it wasn't for that, we wouldn't be able to survive.”

But it’s not just grants that you’re fueling.

Your gifts have already connected hundreds of thousands of families to free meals for their kids this year through our free meals finder map and texting line.

And you’re serving millions of hungry children by helping us make change with elected leaders and agencies nationwide, launching a new federal program to feed children and securing waivers to help schools feed kids with the flexibility that meets their communities’ needs.

Your gifts make all this possible. You’re helping feed hungry children. When $1 can connect a child with up to 10 healthy meals, every dollar counts.

Even better, you can put the extra in extraordinary when you become a monthly, sustaining donor. Your gifts each month can ensure that children have the daily meals they need during this holiday and beyond.

As Darcey, a mother in small-town New York who lost her job to the crisis, said, “The worst thing in the world is to have to worry about how you're going to feed your family. To take that weight off is huge, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary generosity. Please give now.