Share Our Strength’s Statement on the Attack at the U.S. Capitol

Contact: Laura Washburn,

The attack by terrorists and thugs on the U.S. Capitol was an assault on the very foundation that defines America: our democracy.  Its expressed intent was to disenfranchise millions of Americans who had fulfilled their duty as citizens.  We join millions of Americans in condemning it and demanding the attackers be prosecuted and justice delivered.

Significant responsibility for the violent, destructive acts that took place belongs to President Trump. We unequivocally join the bipartisan calls for the president’s immediate removal from office.

America’s children and families are suffering immeasurably. We should all work to find solutions that strengthen our nation, not tear it down with terrorism and insurrection. The country deserves strong, unifying leadership. The president has failed to provide it.

Wednesday’s incident also laid bare the systemic racial inequity within our borders. The insurgents were held to a different standard than this summer’s peaceful protesters, of every race, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and speaking out against racial injustice. Those protesters were met with multitudes of law enforcement, barriers, and other detractors. The different response and treatment we all witnessed Wednesday, versus what we saw over the summer, is emblematic of this country’s racial injustice.

At Share Our Strength, we have fought for over 30 years to make America stronger, led by our No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger. As we have said before, systemic racism is a root cause of why Black and Hispanic families make up a disproportionate share of children living with hunger. We cannot end childhood hunger until we overcome the racial injustice that gives rise to poverty and inequality. 

Wednesday, our democracy was shaken. Thankfully, it held.

Share Our Strength stands ready to work with the 117th Congress, the incoming Biden-Harris Administration, and every state and local government to strengthen programs that lift up opportunities for American children and families. We do so in this time when support is needed more than ever. We will not stand still nor will we be silent – our children are watching and listening and they deserve our very best.

Share Our Strength is the nonprofit organization that runs the No Kid Hungry campaign.