Frequently Asked Questions

No child in America should go hungry, but millions don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The programs to feed hungry kids in our country already exist. The food is out there. But not enough kids are getting it.

That’s where you come in. With your help, No Kid Hungry connects the dots, offering local schools and community partners the dollars, promotional support and expertise to make sure kids and families get the meals they need to thrive.

How does my donation feed hungry kids?

Your financial support makes the important work of ending childhood hunger possible. Thanks to you, we’re ending childhood hunger not just for today or tomorrow, but for good. Every dollar you donate to No Kid Hungry can help feed a child 10 meals. Our sustainable solution to hunger connects kids to existing nutrition programs like the national school breakfast program and the summer meals program. We leverage your donation to help states, cities and communities close the gap between kids who need food and the food itself. Your donation to feed hungry kids helps No Kid Hungry provide critical grants, supplies and technical assistance to feed more kids. It also funds our work to recruit new summer meal sites, help schools provide breakfast for kids facing hunger and teach families how to prevent hunger at home.

How does the No Kid Hungry campaign turn my $1 into 10 meals for hungry kids?

We don’t get a bulk discount on food, as most folks guess. In fact, we don’t even buy food. We work with communities across the country to improve and expand existing programs that feed kids school breakfast, afterschool suppers and snacks, and summer meals to ensure all kids have access to three healthy meals a day.

Sometimes our work is complex and there are large barriers, like state laws that mandate the time of day breakfast is served at schools. But sometimes the problem is as simple as schools not having carts to carry meals through the halls to kids.

As a result, we know that your support can return 10 meals for every $1 spent. It’s not a rule – dollars go further in some communities than in others. Depending on the community and its needs, one donated dollar can yield below or well beyond 10 additional meals served. Our promise to you is that we invest every dollar carefully, trying to get the maximum return on that investment.

Learn more about what your dollars can do.

What is your overhead ratio (how much do you spend on programs vs. overhead?)

We’re focused on maximizing every donation so that your investment is helping not only to feed kids today, but also to do so much more, by supporting a sustainable and replicable solution that is ending childhood hunger in America - once and for all.

In fiscal year 2018, we had total revenues of $66.41 million and total operating expenses of $57.60 million in pursuit of ending childhood hunger in America.

These investments contributed to more than 1 billion meals being served to hungry kids across America – and many other milestones.

Learn more about about our financials, including a copy of our most recent annual report.

What Is Your Charity Navigator rating?

We are proud to have an overall rating of four stars from Charity Navigator and a four-star rating for accountability and transparency.

How do you measure your progress in ending childhood hunger?

Measurable, positive results drive our strategy and efforts. But it's not about measuring food; we have plenty of food to go around. It's about measuring and leveraging effective programs that are already in place. If every eligible child used these programs, No Kid Hungry would be reality in America.

But millions of kids don't participate. That's why our strategy is focuses on feeding hungry kids by increasing participation in the programs that provide nutritious food at home, during school and when school is out, like school breakfast, summer and afterschool meals, SNAP and WIC.

We have also developed a measurement system for tracking the effectiveness of our work at the local level. This allows us to display trends, make projections, and identify trouble spots early enough to address them. It helps us track overall advancement towards ending child hunger. In many ways, measuring progress and holding ourselves accountable at a concrete, granular level is what sets No Kid Hungry apart. Looking clearly at real-world data helps guide our strategic thinking, communicate measurable progress, and – when necessary – correct course for the better.

How do I change/modify my monthly  or recurring gift?

Please contact our Donor Services team at or (800) 222-1767 to change your billing address, gift amount, date of your recurring gift or payment information (please don’t send credit card information via email). You can find more information about your sustainer gift here.

How can I get my business involved with No Kid Hungry?

Go to our corporate partner page to learn more about partnering with us.

How do I make a donation in someone’s honor/memory?

Donating to charity is one of the most powerful ways to pay tribute to a person, whether you are honoring their memory, expressing condolences to a family, or celebrating a significant occasion such as birthdays, weddings or special accomplishments. Simply complete this form to make a secure, online donation to benefit our work to end child hunger in America and we will email a notification to your honoree notifying them of your gift.

Can No Kid Hungry accept a matching gift contribution from my company?

Yes! Matching your gift is a great way to make sure your donation makes the strongest impact possible. Visit our workplace giving page to ask if your employer will join you in the fight to end child hunger by matching your donation.

Does No Kid Hungry offer planned giving?

Yes. Remembering No Kid Hungry in your planning means that you want to have a profound and lasting effect on ending child hunger. Your gift will get children the healthy, nutritious food they need to succeed. It’s a gift that costs you nothing now, is flexible and can often be established easily either through a new will or trust or a codicil/amendment thereto. To learn more, visit our planned giving page or contact Donna Batcho at (202) 715-1637 or

Can I hold a personal fundraiser to support No Kid Hungry?

Yes. No Kid Hungry's personal fundraising tools allow you to make a difference in the lives of hungry kids in America. Do you love to run? Use your participation in an upcoming fitness event to fundraise and raise awareness for No Kid Hungry. Looking for a new way to celebrate your next birthday? Dedicate your day to ending child hunger. Do you have a group of friends who love to get together, have fun and make a difference? Then create a unique event that you can all get excited about. No matter what your special moment is, you can leverage it to do a No Kid Hungry personal fundraiser and encourage your friends and family to join you in the fight to end child hunger in America.