School Breakfast Hall of Fame

No Kid Hungry is excited to announce our 2020 School Breakfast Hall of Fame.

This year’s inductees include educators and administrators from school districts across the country who were nominated by members of their local community for going above and beyond to make school breakfast possible for kids in need. Join us in thanking these inspiring individuals for their work to ensure kids across the country start their day with the fuel they need to reach their full potential!

2020 No Kid Hungry School Breakfast Hall of Fame Inductees


  • Cynthia Dunn, Principal, Palm Vista Elementary School, Morongo Unified School District 

  • Daniele Snider, Principal, Joshua Tree Elementary School, Morongo Unified School District 


  • Benigno Alamo, School Way Cafe Assistant Orange City Elementary 

  • Kurt Browning, Superintendent, Pasco County Schools 

  • Nikki Fried, Commissioner, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 

  • Valerie Hansen, Assistant Director School Way Cafe, Volusia County Schools 

  • Jamie Haynes, School Board Member, Volusia County Schools   

  • Valerie Newton, Principal, Burnett Middle School 

  • Brad Porinchak, Principal, Cranberry Elementary, Sarasota County Schools 

  • Cristina Raimundo, Principal Friendship Elementary 


  • Harold Ferwerda, School Food Services Supervisor, Hawai'i Department of Education, School Food Services Branch 


  • Scott Anderson, Food Service Director, Madison County Public School District 

  • Dalla Emerson, Director of Food Service Operations, Bowling Green Independent School District 

  • Jackie Snelling, Cafeteria Manager, Graves County Middle School 


  • Claire Guarisco, Child Nutrition Supervisor, St. Mary Parish, St. Mary Parish Schools, Centerville
  • William G. Fields, Principal Sunset Acres Elementary School, Caddo Parish Schools, Shreveport


  • Kim Anderson, Principal, Evergreen Junior High 

  • Tammy Hurley, Principal, Fred Moodry Middle School 

  • Marsha Wartick, Food Service Director, Ronan School District 


  • Savannah Box, General Manager of Child Nutrition Services at Bastrop ISD 

  • Jae Lee, Principal of Burnett Elementary, Pasadena ISD 

  • Katina Martinez, Principal of Short Elementary School in Arlington ISD 

  • Donna Pittenger, R.D., Executive Director or Nutrition and Food Services at Katy ISD 

  • Lee Ramirez, Principal of Galena Park Middle School, Galena Park ISD 

  • Anneliese Tanner, Food Service Director, Austin ISD 


  • Accomack County Public Schools, Staff, Administration and Leadership  

  • Dr. Rita Bishop, Superintendent, Roanoke City Public Schools

  • Helen Brennan, Cafeteria Manager and Sheryl VanBeers, Assistant Manager, Anne E. Moncure Elementary, Stafford County Public Schools

  • Tammy Coates, Director of Food Services, and Sarah Schmidt, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Richmond County Public Schools

  • Rodney Compton, Principal, Ridgeview High School, Dickenson County Public Schools

  • Dr. James Kirk, Principal, Azalea Gardens Middle School, Norfolk Public Schools

  • Jason Pannutti, Principal, Poe Middle School, Fairfax County Public Schools

  • Darlene Rogers, Food Service Director, Patrick County Public Schools

  • Shontel Simon, Principal, Forest Grove Elementary, Loudoun County Public Schools