No Kid Hungry Social Council

Meet The Social Council

The No Kid Hungry Social Council is comprised of our most dedicated and committed online activists, including Chefs, Culinary Industry Leaders, Social Media pioneers and more. Meet the council:

Scott Stratten, @unmarketing
Kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant social media site

Quote: "Child hunger is everyone's responsibility. That is a job of the human race, to raise the next generation. No Kid Hungry is the answer to our question of "How do we help? This team is more of a family and I'm honored to be included"



Jessica Northey, @jessicanorthey

'Social Media Pioneer' - Forbes. Tweet about Music, Radio & TV. Join #CMchat 24/7 Country Music Info w/LIVE chat Mon 6p PT #TwitterPowerhouse #BA75 #Twangout



Amy Neumann, @charityideas

Passionate for Good! #socialgood #nptech #sustainability Author. Insatiably curious. Eternal optimist! PR & Marketing.

Quote: "In this great country of ours, no child should have to worry about whether they can eat or not.  The No Kid Hungry campaign, with the help of the amazing and passionate people in social media, is helping to make huger a thing of the past for kids.  It's an honor to be a part of that mission and goal."


Amanda Hite, @sexythinker

Igniting #BeTheChange Movements. Co-Founder Chief Change Officer BTC Revolutions. Changer of Commerce, CEO, Keynote Speaker, Advisory Board Member Dine Out #NoKidHungry

Quote: "The programs Share Our Strength advocates for at one time were an important investments in my family and me as a child. I'm responsible to pay it forward and am committed to this movement until we end childhood hunger in America."

Ron Ruggless, @ronruggless

writer, photographer w/ Nation’s Restaurant News | wine lover & avid traveler | ranch-born but citified | dedicated to hunger causes

Quote: "I quote others, so I turn to astronaut Buzz Aldrin: “If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger."



Stacy Teet, @stacyofksw

Former hungry kid turned servicewoman turned blogging mom of 3. I'm finding other ways to serve, using my passion, voice and experiences to champion for others.

Quote: "I know what it's like to be that hungry kid. I understand food insecurity is often the least of their worries, they are dealing with so many other issues behind the scenes and still aspiring to get an education, be a part of something, feel accepted. If I can help to make that child's day/week/year even just a bit easier ... give them even just a moment of their childhood back ... who wouldn't want to rally to that cause? Happy to use my voice to do just that."

Cathy McPhillips, @cmcphillips

Restaurant & hospitality marketer and digital/content marketer passionate about sustainability, hunger issues and health.

Quote: "What started off as managing a cause marketing program for a restaurant client has turned into an overwhelming passion for making sure no child is hungry. In this great land, it is inexcusable that there are hungry children. Seeing firsthand how good, hardworking people are hungry has increased my desire to spread the word on No Kid Hungry. I am beyond thankful to use my marketing talents for good, and even more thankful that my own children and family are involved in the cause as well."

Sarah Atkinson, @TexiCaliGal

Marketing Diva, SF Giants & 49ers nut, passionate about NoKidHungry & a lover of wine. Cali girl living in Texas. Marketing Director for TDn2K.

Quote: "It is inexcusable that there are children in this country who are hungry or worry about where their next meal will come from. It is our obligation to speak for the ones who can't speak for themselves and our responsibility to end this problem in our country."


Jennifer Fischer, @indieJenFischer

Indie Filmmaker and mom-blogger who believes that raising socially engaged children matters. M.A. from Harvard-real talent is cleaning up the messes my kids make.

Quote: "When I ran an after-school program, I saw first-hand the affect that hunger had on children, particularly regarding academic development and behavior. With my latest documentary on a low-income public school, the magnitude of hunger for children in the U.S. surfaced again as we discovered that many students get their only meals for the day through school breakfast and lunch programs. I firmly believe that we can do better. I firmly believe that no child should be hungry. I am proud to be part of Team NKH."

Valencia Barnes, @CallMeValBarnes

Actress, Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle Blogger, & Philanthropist. She loves No Kid Hungry, Tea, Sushi, & Indian food. She's also the Generation NKH Spokesperson.

Quote: "Childhood hunger has kids being desperate for food because they want to live. They start thinking of different ways to get food. Even, if it means doing things that you wouldn't dream people would do. If a child starts to think that "I rather go to jail for stealing food than dying from not eating food" or that "I rather eat out of a garbage can than die", than we have a problem. No kid should ever have that kind of mindset or even think about resulting to those things. Especially for something that is one of the basic needs of life that is usually provided by your parent or guardian."

Lori Flynn, @LFlynn

Chef Flynn is an experienced chef/educator, community activist, member of Les Dames de Escoffier & extremely passionate 7 year advocate for Team No Kid Hungry.

Quote: "I’m passionate about No Kid Hungry because as a Chef, I take something from the earth whether it is plant or protein based, alter/cook it and serve it to someone every day in order for them to sustain life.  That is my job and being able to use my passion and skills to help those that are struggling to feed themselves in order to sustain life is a gift. The even greater miracle is being able to transfer my passion to help end childhood hunger to my students and build the No Kid Hungry team."

Roman Coley Davis, @sixpackchef

Chef Roman is a decorated combat veteran, author, and crazy-passionate supporter of No Kid Hungry.

Quote: "I am passionate about No Kid Hungry because I've been there; I've felt that hunger as a kid. That experience charges me to do everything that I can to advocate and fight for those kids who are voiceless. In America, hunger happens all around us. We have the strategies, the funding, and the programs in place, all we need are advocates who will take a stand for these kids."


Joelle Friend, @travelthewheel

Career firefighter, obstacle race enthusiast, fitness fanatic, lover of the outdoors, proud aunt and godmother

Quote: "This past summer, while operating at a fire in a government housing complex, our engine company broke down. As we waited for the mechanic, a little boy started chatting with me about all things firefighting. This boy was probably 6 or 7, bright-eyed and energetic. I knew the struggles this boy would face as he grew up and was sad for him. When we were ready to leave, the boy said to me, "When I grow up I'm going to be a firefighter! And a doctor!" I support No Kid Hungry because of kids like him who deserve every opportunity to fulfill their dreams!"


Tim Cipriano, @localfooddude

#Chef, #Dad, #ChampionOfChange, #NoKidHungry Chef, #Farm2School, Chair of Taste of the Nation #NewHaven #Connecticut; Keynote Speaker emphasizing #RealFood in Schools

Quote: "Share Our Strength and being a Chef go hand in hand. This is my fifth year as Co-Chair of Taste of the Nation New Haven and as a No Kid Hungry Chef, I couldn't imagine donating my time for anything more important. My passion is feeding children and offering them access to delicious healthy meals with a local flavor."


Steve Dunn, @ouichefsteve

Chef, food blogger and Cooking Matters Culinary Instructor passionate about ending hunger in our most precious resources, our children.

Quote: "As a chef and father of 5, I find it inconceivable that 1 in 5 kids in America, the wealthiest country the world has ever known, struggles with food insecurity and hunger.  Each week in my Cooking Matters classes, I work with moms and kids who ARE the 1 in 5, and see first hand how they struggle to stretch their SNAP dollars in order to feed all the mouths at their table.  I am absolutely committed to do all I can to help these folks, and all families struggling with hunger, and am so proud to be part of this dedicated group of advocates as we all work to end childhood hunger for good!"


Calisa Hildebrand, @calisajh

Acct Supervisor @EdelmanDigital, PR/Mktg at No Kid Hungry's @SFTaste, Classical musician. Passionate about the power of social media to create social change.

Quote: "What started as "just another flute gig" has turned into a lifelong dedication to ending child hunger in America. I'm grateful to count myself among the many amazing people that are working to improve the lives of children. Together, I believe we can ensure that no child grows up hungry. "


Ed Nicholson, @ederdn

Company PR/social media guy.  Gigging musician. I get paid to do the coolest stuff.  Share Our Strength has been teaching me about hunger since 2000.

Quote: "I'm one of the lucky ones.  As a result, my kids have never had to miss a meal.  Every kid everywhere deserves that much."


Jackie Woodbury, @joiedejackie

DC resident, passionate member of #TeamNKH , dedicated to  ending childhood hunger

Quote: "Being part of the committee for Share Our Strength's Taste of the Nation event in DC for the last four years changed my life.  As a nation we have the technology and means to see an end to childhood hunger. Come share your strengths with us as we continue to grow the No Kid Hungry team!"


Tim McDonald

Tim builds communities, not networks, with relationships that create movements. As Purveyor of Purpose at Be The Change Revolutions, he ignites communities to end childhood hunger in the USA for No Kid Hungry. Tim co-founded Creating.Is, a movement to enlist a new breed of leaders who are making a difference in their communities. He also used that passion as the Director of Community for The Huffington to grow and cultivate strong communities offline and online. A skillful conversationalist, Tim encourages new thinking and navigating solid relationships.

Quote: "Children are the future. A healthy body equals a healthy mind which means a promising future."


Shane Womack, @shomack12

Father of two amazing daughters and a restaurant guy that's passionate about all things food. Proud Member of Team NoKidHungry and the NRA Pizzeria Council.

Quote: "What we have done for ourselves dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." – Albert Pike


Katie Workman,

Katie is author of The Mom 100 Cookbook, and The Mom 100 Family Table Cookbook (August 2015) and writes blog. She was the founding partner and Editor in Chief at, before that Katie was a Senior Editor with Clarkson Potter Publishers for 12 years, specializing in cookbooks. Katie sits on the board of City Harvest, New York’s leading food rescue nonprofit, and for the past 20 years has been an active supporter of Share Our Strength.

Quote: "Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice." -Jacques Diouf, Food and Agricultural Organization Director-general

Marla Topliff,

Marla Topliff has been the president of Rosati's Pizza since 1999. She serves as the corporate media spokesperson, manages vendor and store relationships and human resources. She is Chairman of the National Restaurant Association’s Pizzeria Council and a member of the International Franchise Association, where she serves on the membership and convention planning committees.

Quote: "I can not stand to eat a meal -Knowing how hungry children feel Or bare to look them in the eye - When they stop to ask me why - If you get lunch why not me - I'm hungry too can't you see? Yes I DO - I see it clear - I also see the look of fear in parent who just don't know - which way to turn or where to go And so I pledge to work and strive - to make the dream alive - To End Hunger Here and Now and I see #TeamNoKidHungry as the best way How."


John Scroggins,

Professional editor of, food enthusiast, rescue dad and proud #TeamNKH advocate.

Quote: "Helping others is at the core of my being. Thanks mom and dad.”


Romi Neustadt, @romineustadt

Lawyer/PR exec-turned wife, mom & top earner with Rodan + Fields, helping women have more time and money for their families, communities and causes dear to their hearts. One of her favorite things: a dance party, anywhere.

Quote: "My kids have full bellies so they can learn, dream, play and grow. Every child should have the same chance. America's future depends on it."


Michael VanDervort,

Michael is the Manager, Labor Relations for Publix Super Markets, based in Lakeland, Florida.  Michael specializes in creating thriving workplaces driven by strong culture, great workplaces practices, community participation, and associate ownership.

Quote: "I chose #NoKidHungry as my main community participation effort because I love the people, and the audacious, clearly defined goal of ending hunger in America in 5 years."



Alana Hatcher, @Agh7G 

Social Media Specialist and community support enthusiast.  Passionate about all things related to arts, fitness, food, and bringing people together.

Quote: “Being able to play a role in igniting passion through the power of social media around childhood hunger in America is incredible. I’m fortunate to work for Hickory Farms, a company whose values and No Kid Hungry partnership fit with my personal passion for making the world a better place.”


C.C. Chapman, @cc_chapman 

Writer, Photographer, Teacher and Advocate. Living a purposeful life by creating positive social change in the world.

Quote: “Every child in the world should not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. Food is something we need to make available to all and I want to do my part to make sure that here in America our children are never hungry.”


Brian Fanzo, @iSocialFanz

Dad of 3 girls, Change Evangelist, Technology Geek and Digital Strategist that believes together as a community we can change the world 

Quote: “Together we can make a difference by each doing what we can to help those that need us.  As a Dad of 3, my daughters are my world and I believe together we can help make every child's world a place where they don't have to worry where their next meal is coming from.”