Grant Inquiry Information

A key part of No Kid Hungry’s strategy is building partnerships and supporting child nutrition efforts through grantmaking. Our grants provide schools and community-based organizations with the financial support they need to ensure kids have access to the nutritious food needed to live, learn and play.

*Please note that completion of the form does not constitute an automatic invitation to complete a No Kid Hungry grant application. Funding availability differs greatly by state and how organizations align with our funding priorities.

Interested in Applying for a No Kid Hungry Grant?

If you are a school district or community-based organization working to serve children through federal feeding programs, we want to hear from you. Please complete the following form, and our team will reach out if grant funding is available for your program.  

Tools & Resources

Share Our Strength offers a variety of resources for grant applicants and community organizations and schools working to end hunger. Please see several resources listed below and explore our Center for Best Practices for further information.