How to Claim your Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit puts extra money into your family’s pocket for the things your kids need, even if you make little or no income. Whether it helps purchase groceries, buy diapers, or pay for a new pair of school shoes, this is money for your family. 

In 2021 (this year), the benefit is as much as $300 per child per month and is available every month from July to December. 

If you paid taxes in 2019 or 2020, or if you got a stimulus check during the pandemic, you’re probably already in the system and are getting your monthly payment automatically. 

But if you haven’t received a check yet, you have until November 15 to enroll through

You can sign up for the Child Tax Credit even if you have little or no income. And it won’t have an impact on your other federal benefits. 

Go to now to claim your credit.