We're Feeding Kids in Rural Corners of the Country

Summer break is a tough time for kids who depend on free school meals. For those who live in rural communities, it can be even tougher.

That’s why No Kid Hungry partnered with Prairie Family Center in Burlington, Colorado, to pilot a free summer meals delivery service.


9 out of 10 kids in this rural community depend on free school meals. Separated by vast stretches of farmland, many of these families struggle to make ends meet and even get to the closest supermarket – which can be miles and miles away.


Through our pilot delivery service, we helped deliver nutritious meals directly to these families.


“There are families out there who are struggling, and this brings food to their tables during what is a crucial time,” said Deena Ziegler of Prairie Family Center.


Thanks to the support of individuals like you, many kids in isolated communities like this one don't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.


But we need your help to deliver for many more.


“This is a huge opportunity for us and those families to be able to get food to their kids,” said Ziegler.


Ride along with Ziegler in the video below, meet some of the families who benefit and consider making a gift to support hungry kids in every corner of the country – from Burlington to Boston and beyond.