How Twitch Streamer ImpulseSV Uses Minecraft to Build a Better Future

ImpulseSV is a prolific and successful Minecraft content creator. When he isn’t streaming live on Twitch, he is editing videos for his more than one million YouTube subscribers, recapping his adventures as part of the HermitCraft cast or showcasing his latest innovative Minecraft builds.

If you don’t know, Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world. It allows users to create their own worlds, using building blocks, resources discovered on the site and their own creativity. 

Today ImpulseSV, a father of three, is using Minecraft not only to create virtual worlds, but as an opportunity to make this world better for kids across America.

“When it comes to content creators and YouTubers, people forget that we are all just people trying to live our best life here on the planet,” he shared. “Beyond gaming, we can have an opportunity to make the world a better place.”

As part of this mission, ImpulseSV is about to take on one of his biggest challenges yet: a 24-hour Minecraft marathon set in the fan-built Middle Earth server. This server was built for over ten years by more than 60,000 volunteers and recreates the Lord of the Rings world to scale in Minecraft. 

Alongside chat viewers and other Minecraft streamers, ImpulseSV will use his adventures and misadventures in this marathon to fundraise for No Kid Hungry.

“The idea that there are children out there struggling to get food, any food, that hits me hard,” ImpulseSV said. “No one’s kids should go through that.”

Before Minecraft morphed into a career and an opportunity to make a difference for ImpulseSV, his interest in the game began as a way for him to bond with his children, a thread that still influences his work and his motivation even now.

“It all comes back to my oldest child, who is now 17 years old,” he shared. “At the time, he was nine, starting to get interested in video games and was also interested in architecture.”

ImpulseSV talked to some friends about what his son should play, and again and again, the recommendation was Minecraft. They could play together. They could enjoy classic video game challenges of crafting and survival. And they could explore the process of taking an idea and bringing it to life with a build.

At nine and with a father who also didn’t know how to play, ImpulseSV and his son both needed help learning their way around a pickaxe, so they turned to YouTube for tutorials and soon started recording and uploading their own adventures. When they figured out something interesting, they would make their own tutorials and add those as well.

“I thought it was just a video vault for us that we could look back on,” he says. “And then the viewers started picking up.”

ImpulseSV continued making videos. He explored bigger and more ambitious ideas and collaborated with other creators. A few years ago, he was invited to join HermitCraft, which is now on season 8. This enormous server, featuring more than 20 creators at the top of the Minecraft content world, is part theater, part reality show and all driven by community.

We are grateful to ImpulseSV for using his talents and passions to ensure every child in America has the meals they need to thrive.

You can tune in to ImpulseSV’s 24-hour streaming adventure and support his fundraiser on November 26, 2021 at noon EST at