Last year, in states with No Kid Hungry campaigns, the average number of low-income children eating school breakfast on a given day rose by 220,697 -- an increase of 3.8%. We’re replicating our success around the country by working collaboratively with our partners to feed more kids.
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With the support of No Kid Hungry and Texas Hunger Initiative, the Dallas Independent School District set a goal to bring universal breakfast to all 158,000 students, every single day. The District now serves nearly 13,000 more breakfasts each day – that’s 2 million additional breakfasts per year.
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They’re Powered By Breakfast

Jeane and Jahnique have a loving, hardworking mom, who works two jobs to keep their family afloat, and they have access to programs that ensure the girls have the food they need to succeed. School breakfast is one of those programs – the girls eat breakfast at school every day, and it helps fuel their active lives.


$5,000 can launch an in-classroom breakfast program for an entire school, ensuring that every child starts the day ready to learn. The food is paid for, but the equipment, technology, know-how and manpower needed are not funded. Breakfast grants are given by the No Kid Hungry campaign to help schools with the start-up costs needed to take breakfast out of the cafeteria and into the classrooms of high-need schools.

Join other Team No Kid Hungry members in helping to launch new school breakfast programs. Every $5,000 raised this month can help fund a new breakfast program.

A Million Strong for Breakfast

Help us close the breakfast gap by sending 1 million messages to our country’s leaders about the importance of breakfast and how they can help

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Breakfast Changes Lives
When a child misses breakfast, their chance to succeed in the classroom and later in life is drastically reduced. That’s why the No Kid Hungry campaign is focused on increasing breakfast participation.