Storm-Battered Food Banks Struggle To Help The Hungry


Publication: NPR

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, depleted shelves and holiday demands leave many food banks in New York and New Jersey hurting. “But now, after the storm, 'we don't know what the need is going to be. Many folks lost power for the last few weeks. There's nothing in their cupboards. There's nothing in the refrigerators,' Rodriguez says. The long-term impact is a great unknown. Thousands of people were washed out of their homes — some temporarily, but others forever. Many lost jobs and businesses. Right now, the food bank is stuffed to the gills with pallets of water bottles, canned food, bread, peanut butter and ready-to-eat meals. But supplies are going out almost as quickly as they come in. Rodriguez says since the storm, they've distributed about 575,000 pounds of food, twice the usual volume.” 

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