Children and Families First


Publication: Huffington Post

Maya Wiley, President and Founder of the Center for Social Inclusion, penned an article urging the President and Congress to protect funding for programs like WIC and SNAP that benefit millions of children and families across America. "The Farm Bill includes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka food stamps). The Senate version would cut the food to hungry families by $4.5 billion, while the House version would cut by $16.5 billion. Everybody needs help when jobs are hard to find or the paycheck isn't covering the rent. White Americans are the largest number of recipients of SNAP (34 percent), and over 20 percent are Black Americans and about 16 percent are Latinos relying on the program, trapped in lower wage jobs or more likely to be looking for work. According to 2010 data, over 70 percent of hungry Americans who we help fed by SNAP are families with children.”

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